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Over 200 new laws in Illinois: here are three you should know

You can expect a lot of change in Illinois with 200 new state laws going into effect in the New Year. The three laws highlighted below affect current inmates, individuals suspected of drug-induced homicide and juvenile offenders. And, even if you don't fall into any of those categories, you may still be affected if you have loved ones that do.


Do I have to talk to the police?

Question: My son has a history with the cops—nothing serious, but when something happens, they generally come looking into where he is and what he’s been up to lately.

I try to be polite and answer their questions, but sometimes they just keep, badgering me. Do I have to talk to a cop when he comes to my door or stops me on the street?

Gun ownership can lead to unlawful discharge

Gun ownership is expressly protected by the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Although the federal government is more limited in its ability to regulate the sale and ownership of guns, many state and local laws exist to do the same. These laws seek to address the possession and sale of firearms and can affect how we use them in our lives.

Why do you own a gun? Who you are and why you own a gun could tell us how you might use it, according to new statistics from the Pew Research Center. What does the research say?

An overview of gun possession laws in Illinois

No matter what people think about guns and their use, gun control is generally a difficult subject. Many people believe that guns are necessary for their safety and the safety of their family; others believe that guns are a danger to everyone.

Regardless, the state of Illinois has put laws into place that specify exactly what types of guns people are legally allowed to possess and how people are allowed to get, have and use them. Illinois also has severe penalties for people who break these laws.


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