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Defending Your Interests Against Serious Drug Sale And Delivery Charges In Chicago

A state or federal criminal court conviction for drug sale and delivery can effectively put an offender behind bars for years. Along with this harsh punishment come substantial fines that can wipe out financial resources and a criminal record that follows the convicted person for the rest of his or her life.

Before your trial, you have one chance to select the right criminal defense attorneys who can protect your rights, in and out of court. Our law firm has the decades of trial experience, dedication to your rights, recognized track record and personal service that can make a positive difference.

We are the Prusak Law Group in Chicago, Illinois.

Our law firm’s founder, Shelby Keisman Prusak, knows how to aggressively defend your interests. She will look carefully at the circumstances that led up to your drug sale and delivery charges and will work to discredit law enforcement’s version of what happened. During thorough case preparation, persuasive negotiations with government lawyers and arguments at trial, Ms. Prusak will be your strong voice before judge and jury.

If you have been charged with sale and delivery of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, illegally obtained prescription drugs, party drugs or drug paraphernalia, the Prusak Law Group will use every weapon in its arsenal to put this legal difficulty behind you and return your life to normal.

Are you facing serious criminal charges of drug possession or intent to distribute? Contact us today, before you speak with police. Your initial consultation is free of charge. Call 312-226-0640 or stay online to reach us by email message.