Aggressively Defending Your Rights In Criminal Courts
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Protecting Your Rights In Court After A Homicide Or Other Violent Crime Arrest

A conviction on violent crime charges, including homicide, can have immediate, dire consequences for a defendant and his or her loved ones. Years in prison, substantial fines, a criminal record, damage to reputation — there are no happy endings to living a life convicted of violence or murder.

If this is the future you face before a criminal trial in state or federal court, you and your family owe it to yourselves to retain the most experienced, battle-tested, proven-effective defense representation you can find in Greater Chicago or statewide in Illinois.

At the Prusak Law Group, founder Shelby Keisman Prusak brings more than 25 years of trial experience to support of your rights. She will be there for you and your loved ones every step of the way to bring everyone the support and compassion they need.

Were you arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault, battery, armed robbery or being a felon in possession of a weapon? Were you singled out because of possible gang affiliations? Were you a victim of mistaken identity or simply defending yourself when an altercation broke out?

Shelby Keisman Prusak is a lawyer who will creatively explore every option to defend your interests. Her investigation of your charges could turn up evidence of dubious police tactics. Her findings could sway prosecutors during negotiations and help you avoid a trial. In the courtroom, she will forcefully advocate for your side of the story.

We urge you not to speak to law enforcement until you have spoken to Ms. Prusak in a free initial consultation. Contact the Prusak Law Group by calling 312-226-0640 or sending an email message.