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“OMG she is the absolute best! My husband was fighting an attempt murder for 22 months facing 60 years to life and she took it to trial and beat the case with a not guilty verdict! She is honest and is not basing her work around money. She really fights as hard as she can and gets the job done. I love her soooo much thank you so much ms. Prusak.”-Ms. K.E.

“Their law firm won a false allegation of sexual assault against me. Getting in trouble is not a good thing, but if you do, they are the best law firm to help you get a second chance in life. Shelby Prusak is my hero and my life story is incomplete without mentioning Prusak Law Group. No choice of words can describe the relief I feel.”-Mr. K.A.

“Ms. Prusak has the experience and the guts to go in and fight for what’s right. She doesn’t let anyone get in her way.”- Mr. R.H.

“My son was facing a sentence of natural life based upon his background. Ms. Prusak was able to get him home to me in 3 years. I will always be grateful.”- Ms. J.M.

“My husband got locked up at a time when I needed him most to help with work and the kids. Ms. Prusak was able to get him home to in 6 months from the time I hired her. She saved my life.”- Ms. T.W.

“I just have to say that Ms. Prusak is the best lawyer. She is trustworthy and she will fight to the end to win your case and get you the best results possible. Although I pray no one in my family ever gets into trouble again, if I ever need a criminal lawyer I would by all means hire Ms. Prusak again. Hiring Ms. Prusak will be a win, win situation!

Ms. Prusak was very diligent on my case. She’s very aggressive, outspoken, and compassionate. She is hands down one of the best female attorneys I know. I was confident having her on my side. YES, she won my case…the outcome was NOT GUILTY on ALL counts. If you’re looking for someone, look no further: Ms. Prusak will definitely get the job done!

Ms. Prusak earned me a NOT GUILTY verdict after 8 months inside Cook County Department of corrections. She was very knowledgeable. Kept me informed and very understanding when it came to the amount paid for her services. Thank you Shelby! I appreciate everything you did for me and forever will be grateful. Give them hell little lady!
Shelby is great. She kept me informed about my son and handled his case with trust, respect, and kindness.”